As I was growing up in Minnesota, I was blessed to come into contact with people from different walks of life, particularly the Hmong Community. While some in the Hmong Community have abandoned more traditional cultural beliefs, in favor of the popularity of Christianity and assimilation to American Life, I had the pleasure of getting to know both the Christian Hmong and Hmong that held true to their Traditional Shaman Heritage. Both of theses groups are extremely peaceful, loving, very hospitable people, who are good stewards of the earth!


Why do I bring this memory up? On our Spiritual Journey We have learned a truth that was first introduced to me through a Shaman friend of mine, who happened to be Hmong.

“When you become sick, you go to the Doctor or the hospital.” She Proclaimed to the class. “We (Hmong Shaman) perform a ritual in which the Soul is summoned back to the body. We become better almost right away.” She explained the details, more to the class.

For our purpose today, this is all I need to say about that learning experience because I am going to relate it to a confirmation of that truth, as I continue writing.

As you may know of us, Karmik(kar-mike) Channels, one of the many services we provide, as the name implies, is Channeling a Cosmic Being named “Karmik:” through Ronald Quin.

Through one of our public channeling sessions, Karmik informed us and those who attended, that indeed, “Your Spirit will take up refuge in Nature…”

Sick because of wrong living….

When you are sick because of wrong living, ie. Smoking, alcohol addiction, abuse of the body, abuse of the mind, and denial of the spirit within, when committed against yourself. These are the occasions that can lead to your Spirit searching for refuge elsewhere.

“Your Spirit,” Karmik continued, “will not leave you however, when under duress…” In other words, if the sickness is cast upon you, from an outside influence, you do not need to worry that your Spirit would leave you.

The girl mentioned earlier in the article when speaking about,
“calling the soul,” back to the body to restore health may have meant, Soul or Spirit, because many people view these terms as the same, however there is a difference.

This is the difference, as stated from Karmik,
The Difference between the soul and spirit is this, the Soul is more of the life force, for this lifetime. The Soul’s purpose is to carry out a mission upon this earth for a specific task, during each lifetime. The soul is the essence of humanity’s being. Your Spirit remains the same through each lifetime but will evolve through the Soul’s lessons, learned through multiple lifetimes and is also the connection to source energy, ie God, Creator, Universal Life Energy.

So where does the Spirit under assault flee to? Nature of course! Before fleeing the individual, who is abusing their Mind, Body or Spirit, the Spirit will first cuddle up into a fetal position. If you can picture this, this is merely an illustrated way of helping us understand that, in essence, your Spirit gives you a, “grace period,” to come back into yourself and change your ways, attitude, thinking and destructive patterns that are leading to sickness of the mind, body and spirit.

Should you ignore, or are just so disconnected that you don’t really notice or care, your Spirit will begin its journey, of which it has no bounds, to find refuge within nature. It could be a tree or a rock but most often it is found in the animal kingdom.

We had encountered this in a case of a young Native American woman, who was very ill. Her Spirit had fled to a horse that Ironically had the same name, as the woman. We did not know the horse had the same name at first, when we learned of the horse’s name, it stunned us, but confirmed our suspicions. In this case the woman needed to be united with the horse, who she never had met before, to reconnect with her Spirit and create and agreement that she was going to get on the road to recovery in order to facilitate an appropriate environment, in which her Spirit could thrive.

Let’s discuss worst case scenario… some people never recover their spirit, at least not when they are alive. Why? They don’t know it’s missing in the first place, they don’t want to get better or are unwilling to give up abusive habits or behavior.

However, even for these people who have the soul experience mentioned above, wherein they don’t reunite in this lifetime with their Spirit, after physical death, Spirit will move on. Spirit is connected to Source, Spirit Moves on and does not judge, because it is the deepest being of who you are, who you truly are, a Cosmic Being, who is on the floating University, called Earth, to have a human experience with you.

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