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Written by: Michele Borowske


It’s getting close to that time of the year when flights of fancy turn to thoughts of love. We want hearts, flowers, jewelry, and romance. Yet if we were totally honest with ourselves we do question our choices in our partners. Did I choose the right person? Did I miss an opportunity in happiness? Why do I choose the same type of person? I know this person is not good for me so why can’t I break it off? And the list goes on.


To even begin to have any insight we must look at the subject of reincarnation. There have been many documented studies and books on the subject. Add to that, material channeled from spirit, and we have a much bigger answer to the question of love.


Before we even come into this world, we sign contracts with people to be in our life, and the lessons we all need to learn. This could come under the headings of unfinished business, to balance an obligation, settle a conflict, or to perpetuate or generate love. All of these lessons are geared towards advancing the soul. We also may contract to come just to experience loneliness, loss, or negative relationships. Why would we agree to that you ask? We won’t remember because the veil drops down when spirit enters flesh. We will not remember all the rights and wrongs we did in previous lives because it would be too overwhelming to the soul. Any new choices we make are made with fresh eyes. Even with new contracts, we still have the option of free will.


An example of this would be, I know someone who came in with an astrological chart of having the susceptibility of becoming a pyromaniac. In this lifetime, they chose not to act on the contract. But if you ask them, they will tell you that they love the smell of matches and love staring into burning candles.


No matter where you stand on the relationship scale, the decisions you make on whom you choose as a partner must be made carefully. How is this person helping you learn the karmic lessons? Are they mirroring back to you the issues that you need to work on for yourself? Are they making you feel loved and supported? Why are you drawn to them even though friends and family have told you that you could do better?


This is where the questions of past lives come into play. Ask yourself: How do they treat me? Does it feel more like a parent/child relationship? Does it feel like you owe them a debt or an apology? How does being with them make me feel about myself? Happy? Abused? Questioning my sanity? And on the flip side of the coin how do I treat them? Do I need to always feel right? Do I make them feel like they are never heard? What they have to say is not valid? My way is the right way? Am I angry at them and I don’t know why? Am I finishing an argument several lifetimes old and trying to finish it with the classic “I told you so”? Just remember whatever lessons you need to learn, it is not your job to change them, they have their own lessons to learn. We all do and no one is perfect.


The best way to be in a better partnership is to not carry any emotional baggage. Work on yourself. The more you study yourself the more fascinating you become. It becomes an adventure to learn how you arrived into this incarnation and why you make the choices that you do. Peel back the layers, the more you understand the more empathic you are to others. The more you heal, the less negative people you will attract. The more you heal, the higher your vibration. The more you heal, the more the universe will rise to meet you. You are worth it because you are a child of the Universe! You are worth it because there is no one else like you!

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