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Discipline Yourself to Grow Spiritually - Engage in Gratitude!

The audio version of this blog. ↑ Chances are, you are already disciplined, but you may not yet have employed it in your spiritual practice…but you ARE capable of discipline as observed below.   You discipline yourself…
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Advanced Intuitive Development

Advanced Intuitive Development Class Series on the following dates: Rescheduled from October - Date Correction: Sunday, November 6th, Saturday the 19th & Sunday the 20th. Classes are held in Fridley, MN   2 pm- 4…
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Shifting Energy

Shifting Energy ~ This Class will take place in Firdley, MN. Saturday, June 25th 2 pm- 3 pm (Suggested Donation of $20) There is no cost to sign-up online. Class Size Limit: 4 People Shifting Energy Sh Schedule Appointment Many…
Past Life Reflections, Reincarnation

Past Life Reflections

Past Life Reflections/ Reincarnation Class   ~ This Class will take place in Fridley, MN. Book Today! Saturday, February 19th 2 pm- 3 pm ($20 ) Karmik Channels Class Size Limit: 4 People Click Here to Sign-Up! Past…
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Spiritual Meetup

Spiritual Meetup Donation Based! We Rely On Your Generosity to Continue to Offer These Meetups.   Upcoming Spiritual Meetup Dates: February 13 and March 13 What is Spirituality? Spirituality, as a practice, is a way of seeing…
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Kundalini Support MN

Kundalini Support MN Karmik Channels has noticed an influx of individuals going through Kundalini awakening, especially in the past year. We understand the difficulties people may face when they begin to experience it with no support, so we…