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Perception of Ailments

Perception of Ailments Written by: Jill Spirithorse The question came in and was aimed at the holistic community, here was the post:   "I don’t usually post about my health but I need some input .. I was diagnosed with Congestive…
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Kintsugi of the Spirit

Kintsugi of the Spirit Written by: Michele Borowske    We have all heard the saying that, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." All experiences in these lifetimes are valuable. These are lessons that we agreed to,…
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The Way of Earth

The Way of Earth Written by: Raymond Bearhawk What would it truly be like to be at one with the earth mother? Do you know how to feel her pulse, her very heartbeat, her very breath? Have you ever touched her and felt her energy all around…
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Quality of Life

Quality of Life Written By: Jill Spirithorse Shortly after my 15th birthday, I took on an unlikely first job, at a horse boarding facility. With 50 horses, it included all the usual duties, throwing hay, watering, mucking stalls, fixing…
Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul Written By: Michele Borowske    Everyone has heard the phrase, "dark night of the soul," but do we actually know how that applies to the life we are living? Basically, we have an existential crisis and feel there…
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Spiritual Journey

Written By: Michele Borowske Spiritual Journe Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique. You may have heard we create own reality and it's true! Our timelines and expectations evolve from a culmination of many factors, such as our religious…