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What's in a Name? Good Question! The Importance of Names

Importance of Names "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - William Shakespeare  That may be true for flowers but not necessarily in regards to people and their personality traits. What's in a name you ask? Well, first consider…
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Disappointed by the Law of Attraction? The Truth About Manifestation

Written by Jess McGrady, Click to Schedule. Are you disappointed by the Law of Attraction? A few years ago I was living in Arizona. I attended and often spoke at a spiritual center with very dedicated members to the principles of New Thought.…
Spirits of the Drum
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Spirits of the Drum

Spirits of the Drum Written by: Jess McGrady   “Yes, there is a Spirit in the body of the drum carved out of the trunk of a tree; there is a Spirit in the skin of the drum itself. All this, plus the Spirit of the person playing the…
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Soul Journey

Soul Journey Soul Journey Written By Jess McGrady THE CALL Perhaps the best way to describe it to you is to tell you a little story. Let’s say you are an average person, with an average level of intelligence living a rather average…
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Trinity Meditation

TRINITY MEDITATION   Written By Jess McGrady Are you a seasoned meditator and would like to experience something a little different? You might want to try a Trinity Meditation. It is an interesting way to get varying perspectives…
Spirit Guides
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What is a Spirit Guide?

Written: By Jess McGrady   There are many definitions and descriptions of spirit guides depending on your source. I will tell you what I have experienced and who they are.   First, I believe we all have an invisible team of guides, helpers…