Spirituality and Mental Health

Spirituality and Mental Health

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There are spiritual matters that affect the mind and there and mental issues that can draw in spiritual attachments, also known as entities.


At Karmik Channels, when we speak of the holy trinity we mean the mind, body and spirit. Any of the three can affect the other two. This is why it is just as important to eat wholesome foods as it is to practice meditation. In our realm, we must learn to balance the physical with the spiritual. The mind is the connection point between the spirit and the body.


Many would tell us that the heart is the connecting point, but the heart is representative of the spirit, if the heart is out of alignment it is a spiritual affliction.


The mind is a cross between our physical brain and our ethereal spirit. The mind is consciousness and it is affected by different triggers. Many mental illnesses can be caused by heavy metal toxicity, improper lighting for the time of day – which leads to a disrupted circadian rhythm, lack of proper nutrition and dirty genes. Other mental illnesses are caused by genetic memories, toxic thought patterns, traumas, abuse and repressed memories.


Don’t live with toxic people! The Universe does not require us to suffer oppression, depression, or hatred in any form. Words matter, as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto’s Water Molecule Experiment.
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Any mental stressors deplete our body’s nutrients and many people have processed diets, to begin with, so our ability to cope with even little stressors can become compromised by a lack of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. So if you are coping with something, try to eat and supplement(if you need to) well, it can help.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Even without added stressors, a severe lack of nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins can lead to anxiety attacks and severe depression, this is an example of a physical cause. When the brain is not functioning properly, because it does not have the proper fuel, it starts to affect our conscious mind, this, in turn, lowers your aura’s vibration. If the physical cause remains uncorrected it will lead to many health ailments, in the mind, body, spirit complex.


There are also spiritual causes of mental affliction, such as experiencing a Kundalini Awakening(see our Kundalini Support page for more info about Kundalini) or being an empath, where you can absorb other people’s emotions and energy.

However, when these things go unrecognized, it can lead to the empathic person experiencing a mental health crisis, due to not knowing how to manage their abilities.

There is also mediumship, where you are picking up on energies and entities that have passed and they are reaching out to you for assistance. If you or someone you know has these things going on, they must be managed properly. Otherwise, natural intuitive abilities can be misconstrued as some form of mental illness by those who are blind to these spiritual phenomena.


Lastly, there can be past-life residue. While you may not consciously remember your past lives, subconsciously you can have mental attitudes or phobias that originated from previous experiences on earth. If you feel you have residue from previous existences, we recommend a Past Life Regression with a trained professional.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Whatever the cause, mental illness is very attractive to spiritual entities. Some low vibrational entities will try to convince vulnerable individuals to escape into destructive behaviors and take their own life. This is why many hear voices.


These are spiritual phenomena that do happen and as a society, we need to rethink how we approach mental illness, we need to look at more than just a biochemical process in the brain. As we are evolving, it is time to start acknowledging that there are different causes but they do eventually affect your holy trinity, if left unaddressed.



Do not fret, although this does happen, we also have spirit guides and angels who speak to us during times of distress. If we are not listening to our guides and angels, they can send beings in physical form to channel the light to us. This guiding light transfer can take many forms, such as a finding and caring for a lost animal or perhaps a conversation with a stranger- that alters the perception, or even a confidential chat with a trusted friend or therapist.


What is interesting is the word: “psyche” actually is a Greek word meaning “soul” or the “spirit.” Maybe the Greeks knew something we didn’t…


To more fully address the issues of mental health in our society, we need to start looking at helping the brain to function properly(environmentally & nutritionally) as well as helping the spirit to heal, rather than the current paradigm of managing symptoms.


If you are experiencing mental illness we encourage you to seek assistance! We are here to support you on your healing journey, without judgment and with great love!

By: Jill Spirithorse

Karmik Channels Team


Resources for Healing:


Nutrition for Mental Health (PDF 187KB) Spanish Version (PDF 326KB)


~ At Karmik Channels we offer Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings with Ron or Michele both of which are very healing!
Spirituality and Mental Health

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