The Power of Three, Become Like a Child

The Power of Three

There is a theme of three becoming one, that is taught in various spiritual traditions throughout the world. First, the idea of unification of the mind, body, and spirit. We will then focus on the idea of creation, destruction, and preservation being interconnected.

Regarding the mind, body, and spirit, all of these three bodies work synergistically. The illusion that these three aspects are separate is the premise that western society has been running with, but this is beginning to shift.
The Power of Three

The overall goal is to cleanse your environment. Your environment encompasses more than your physical body, it encompasses your thought patterns and spiritual influence.
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There are many tools and resources one can utilize to raise their vibration but it requires effort. Our recommendation? Make one small change, take one small step at a time. This way, you should not become overwhelmed.
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Remember the number three is also significant when we work to make a change. The Mind naturally tries to resist change because the status quo equals comfort and security. Much like the body takes approximately three days to adjust to physical exertion, to get over being sore, the mind also tends to have a three-day rule.
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The mind can be our greatest asset or our greatest weakness. When you try to make a change, your mind may fill up with doubt, it may question you. Any steps to improve the three bodies must first get past any mental reservations one may have towards change. Change is the only constant in our world.

Exercising spiritual discipline can be used to overcome the chatter of the mind. Guided Meditation is a great starting point. After becoming comfortable with how to meditate, it is important to become disciplined enough to create a personal space, one that provides a peacefully balanced ambiance, and that will be your very own sanctuary. This space will be the platform you use in communicating with your higher-self.

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Sidebar About Creating Sacred Space: Remember physical clutter in your space creates mental clutter. Do not have clothes strewn about the floor, or the tv blaring in the other room.


If you make an altar or dedicated meditation space, it should reflect what you hope to create within you. Remember the goal of meditation is a clear mind, so it helps to have a clear space. We recommend against lavish adornments, as you want to create a humble but welcoming space for spirit. We suggest a more minimalist approach when trying to set aside space for meditation.


Although not necessary, the following are recommendations of what you can use to create sacred space, natural light(if you can open a window and let the sun in), pure beeswax candles, real living plants(well cared for), water or the image and sound of water, bells, plain pillows or plain chair(for sitting) and other natural items.  A forest is actually the most ideal place for meditation, but not all of us can get to one every day.

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We strongly recommend staying away from fragranced or plain paraffin candles, artificially scented sprays, perfumes, and plugins, distracting or low vibrational images of people, places or things, objects belonging to someone who has/had terrible energy,  also removing any other images, sounds, or memorable items that cause low vibrational feelings such as fear, sadness, and anger.

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Proper nutrition to support physical health will also benefit the mind. The mind is more intangible and abstract but it does embody the physical brain which needs support through a balanced diet. Magnesium, as example, is needed for the maintenance of the body but it especially helps the brain to relax, leading to a calm mind.


When you educate yourself and make use of your knowledge, your three bodies will integrate and you may begin to heal things you didn’t know were possible to heal.
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One of the most useful tools for healing is tapping into your inner child, prior to any authoritarian influence who told us, we can’t, we shouldn’t, that’s impossible…that same inner child who wasn’t afraid to try new things, the one without bias…this is the energy one must tap into to overcome the limitations of the mind to make changes in all three bodies, so they become unified in the light of Creation.

The Power of Three – Karmik Channels Blog
There are many interpretations of the number three being necessary for healing, but also for growth, in the various belief systems.

“I am the Creator of the Universe, I am the Destroyer of the Universe and I am the Preserver of the Universe.” – Hindu Traditional View About Shiva

The Power of Three Karmik Channels Blog

Even though the ideas of creation, destruction and preservation may appear separate and can be used that way. They are more powerful when unified. In order to create, one must first destroy the old, after which they can create new, and then they often want to preserve what they have created. Everything, however, has an expiration, so these cycles are important to remember.

The Power of Three

Some examples of creation, destruction, and preservation are listed below. 

Create Peace, Destroy Hunger, and Preserve Freedom.

Create Health, Destroy Limiting Beliefs, and Preserve Life.

What are you Creating, Destroying, and Preserving?

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