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We Donate a Chunk of Our Time to Help others, including Psychic Youth!

Our youth mentorship service is the primary beneficiary of your financial contributions(donations).

Donations are used to provide educational materials as well as practical supplies to our mentorees, such as books, DVDs, resource materials, sage, and crystals, and to offset the cost of our printed reference material. Donations also allow us to continue to offer opportunities for ALL youth to participate, regardless of their family’s financial standing.

You can donate any amount.

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Spiritual Healing Connection of Minnesota

We are all connected directly to our source

Through our services, everything comes from the Heart of Source, Light and Love. Click on the menu bar to see all practitioners available for healing services!



Psychic Readings & Holistic Healing

Karmik Channels provides not only healing services but the tools, resources and education for clients to become an active participant in their self-care.

Our mission is to help people achieve a better quality of life.

Our clients are individuals who seek to understand the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection. We honor and meet our clients where they are at on their journey.

We work with people of any religious or spiritual background and also those who are still exploring.

We do not discriminate.

Our goal is to help you rediscover your purpose and reconnect with the universe in every way. We are a unique spiritual community that desires to bring out the truth and love that is within each and every one of us.

We are very passionate about helping bring people to the highest realms of their being and we offer many services to fit everyone’s needs. We believe that the ability to have access to holistic healing will contribute to the overall well-being of humanity! Psychic Medium Minneapolis

Karmik Channels is a Collective of Practitioners for Mind, Body and Spirit, who have come together to serve the community! We offer many services including Psychic Readings, Reiki, Past Life Readings, Soul Retrieval, Home Cleansings, Phone Readings, Private Library Access and More!
Psychic Medium, Channel, Animal communicator and more.

Michele Borowske



As Channeled through Ronald Quin

Channeled Message about the Rebirth of the Human Consciousness

“Today is the time that we speak of your consciousness and what is best described as your conscience rebirth. Of course, we refer to it in this manner, as it best resonates with all of you here today, in your human state, or 3D level of understanding.

The changes you seek in your current life, what you call, “The Here and Now,” will subtly and yet rapidly start to change, as your conscious self begins to evolve and respond to the new seeds of knowledge, left behind by the raising of yet another Veil that stands between us and you. Life, as you understand it currently, will never be the same. But good for you! You will never even remember the old way of thinking that you coveted so dearly.”



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