Breath of Life, Avoid Artificial Fragrance
Ditch Artificial Fragrance

“Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.” – Winston Churchill.

Remember the Rule of 3:

You can go three minutes without oxygen, three days without water and three weeks without food. Of course, these are approximate and can vary depending on your unique genetic and physiological makeup.

Ditch Artificial Fragrance

The first and most important, clean air is what I will elaborate on in this post.

Air quality has a big impact on our overall health. I keep it simple and list simple changes you can make, which are far better for your personal health and the health of the planet!


Some people are more sensitive to artificial fragrances than others, they have adverse reactions such as hives, headaches, irritability, brain fog, asthma and allergies. But even if someone doesn’t have those immediate symptoms their overall health is still impacted. It is still getting into their lung tissue and their bloodstream which disrupts their hormonal rhythms, which in turn leads to disease.

At present, it may affect a person’s friends and other members of their family the most, such as kids, a spouse, and even your animals. Many people don’t like confronting people they love about this issue and many people just simply don’t know how damaging artificial fragrances are to health.

To learn more I highly recommend you watch, Stink, a documentary exposing the truth about the fragrance industry. Here is the link to watch it on Netflix.


What Can You Do? Simple Changes…

**Ditch artificial fragrance(think wall plug-ins, and sprays that come in a can) that merely cover up foul odors. Instead, clean the home naturally. Keep indoor plants, especially herbs they will lend their natural scent to your home. Burn only pure beeswax candles, never paraffin and open your windows often.

**Ditch chemical air fresheners for the car. Try a 100% natural homemade essential oil mix instead.

**Ditch perfumed cat litter(think glade scented, fresh scent, etc. Buy Unscented cat litter that has activated charcoal.

**Buy Unscented garbage bags.

**Use wool dryer balls, instead of dryer sheets.

**Biodegradable laundry products are always the best, some are fragrance-free and some have a scent that is derived only from essential oils, read all ingredients carefully!

**Vinegar and Baking Soda go a long way, they are economical, effective and hypoallergenic. You can find many recipes online for creating your own homemade cleaners, sometimes you can add essential oils too.

**Ditch Cologne and Perfume – most of these are made using chemical mixes and there is little to no regulation of these products in regards o the health issues they may cause.


Helpful product tips:

*Look for companies that disclose all ingredients, that are free of synthetic fragrance or support the local artisan that makes trustworthy and naturally scented products or learn to make your own, it can be quite fun!

*Seventh Generation is a decent Product line.

*Dr. Bronner’s makes excellent products, including personal care products, as well as home cleaning solutions, they have the best ingredients that I have found in any store-bought personal care and cleaning products. They are also my go-to brand.

Here is a great book that speaks on effective natural cleaning and green building materials…


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Ditch Artificial Fragrance

Check out the following info:

Environmental Working Group Website, Click Here

The Breath of Life – Karmik Channels Blog

The Breath of Life – Karmik Channels Blog
The Breath of Life – Karmik Channels Blog


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