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Healing from Grief
Learning from the Dream State:

For context, this was a dream I had, involving a spirit that had reincarnated fairly quickly after physical death. Normally there are lengths of time in between incarnation cycles for each spirit and for good reason as you will read below…


I was crossing the street and on the other side there was the spirit of a young man waiting for me, no words were exchanged but I instinctively knew to follow him. We walked along a sidewalk a short while then we turned and walked into a cemetery. We walked to a grave where a mother and father were grieving the loss of their son. The young man indicated that he was the son, and they could not get over his loss. A part of his soul remained with them to comfort them and try to reassure them that he was fine and not suffering. His spiritual presence remained unknown to them as they were immersed in their emotions.
Healing from Grief – Karmik Channels

He was to reincarnate and he did, this is where his soul had split, part to stay behind with the grieving and the rest incarnated into a new human form.

Healing from Grief – Karmik Channels Blog
In this next incarnation, he had no conscious knowledge of his last incarnation. It is not very common to remember past lives.

Though because his previous family, from his last incarnation, was grieving so heavily over him, unable to let go. They were not willing to believe in reincarnation, as it contradicted their religious beliefs, and so they, unknowingly, were holding a part of his soul hostage.


The soul, having to deal with this divide was weakened and not complete going into his next life. As he made his way through his teen years and into his early twenties he began to have thoughts of suicide. He did not, in fact, suffer from clinical depression but the pull originated instead from the division of his soul. He felt like something was missing.

Although consciously he remained unaware of why he felt this way, his higher self(spirit) knew why. Through spiritual development, anyone can learn how to access past life memories to gain a deeper understanding of their current existence.

All universal knowledge is accessed and stored in the light body(Spirit) accessed via our Crown Chakra. Our Spirit is our God(Divine) connection. The spirit knows everything we’ve been, who we currently are, and who we will become. The spirit or higher consciousness is accessible through spiritual practice. The spirit is who we truly are as divine light beings.

The soul, however, encompasses the aspects and lessons of our human experience. When the soul divides for any number of reasons, one may express that they feel like “something is missing” but they can not verbalize what that “something” is. How do you express this concept in the 21st century? How does one express that they feel like part of their soul is missing without sounding like a lunatic to mainstream society?

This is where spiritual practitioners can be of great assistance on your journey!

The Spirit always knows, so to access this aspect, what can help is a session with a Psychic Medium.

There are qualified practitioners that are very open and aware that spiritual phenomena can and do play a major role in healing. Most holistic practitioners follow a root cause protocol approach, which means that mind, body and spirit are all accounted for in the healing process.

A message to those left behind after a physical loss:

For those left behind after the physical loss of a friend or family member, we all have the responsibility to heal our grief so we are not holding back parts of our loved one’s soul essence from the next leg of their journey.

You do not have to go through the healing process alone!

Realize we never truly lose someone, only the earthly body they inhabited.

The Spirit is eternal!

You may not audibly notice the spirits around you but they invoke a feeling in us, they want us to know that they live on. Do not pity the fact that they are no longer trapped in the physical body.

Speak to them, they do hear you! They actually communicate telepathically. Learn to let them go too like you would a grown child going off to college.

In some Native American tribes, you have one year to grieve a loss, this custom is set in place so that the spirit can move on and the soul does not divide. This custom is also important for those still walking their path on earth. Do not get stuck in grief, do not hold them back and also, don’t hold yourself back. Keep living life! Those on the other side want to go on living too, they do keep learning and growing.

Healing from Grief – Karmik Channels Blo

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Resources to Heal from Grief:

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