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Chances are, you are already disciplined, but you may not yet have employed it in your spiritual practice…but you ARE capable of discipline as observed below.

You discipline yourself to show up on time to work for someone else. Or you discipline yourself for your small business, crunching numbers, managing your time, and maybe the production line. Or perhaps you are a student and discipline yourself to study so you can earn a degree from a University. Or you may discipline yourself to get through trade school. You may even have disciplined yourself to eat healthier and exercise.

Now…have you employed that same discipline in developing your spiritual potential or your intuition? Be honest with yourself!

Unlike the other ways that we exercise discipline, as noted above, spiritual (self) discipline is something that is very often Not a group activity. You don’t get to hold up a certificate for society to witness your progress.

Spiritual Self Discipline is about holding yourself accountable. No one is there to yell at you for being late, or telling you to get into better physical shape, or consulting with you about how to improve your grades.

The loving spirit within you, your guides and your angels are incredibly patient, in fact, it could be said, they have the patience of a saint. They will never guilt you into praying or meditating because they do not pass judgment. For the frequency of love does not judge or envy and it IS patient and kind…among other things.

Your guides and angels, do indeed love you and they wish you to exercise your free will to engage with your higher self(spirit). The Source of All Life(the Creator) is not interested in controlling your mind. For if the Source was interested in absolute control, we would never have been granted free will in the first place. Instead, our Creator wishes you to choose(but will not force you) to move into your heart space and create coherence between the mind and heart so you may TRULY FEEL the ever-present connection.

So where to start?

Let’s start with a simple practice we are all capable of Learning, the Art of Gratitude, which will require a disciplined mind. 

Make it a Daily Practice, and Practice it Alone, if Necessary.

If you have a partner or other person who wishes to participate, great!

If someone begins practicing with you and that person later makes excuses and stops their practice, we can only suggest that you not fall into the same trap of “tomorrow.”

Tomorrow becomes next week, which becomes next month, and before you know it, a year has passed by and nothing has changed.

However, you likely want to grow, otherwise, you would not be reading this.

It’s not a cliche, true growth and healing begin from the inside and it does take self-discipline. 

Trying to alter your external circumstances by acquiring and moving around the material goods in your life will only ever bring a person temporary and shallow feelings and not much if any spiritual fulfillment.

Time is the currency of our physical existence, we should think very carefully about how and where we spend it. Most will spend their time in the mere pursuit of money to acquire more things to fill a void. Trying to quell the feeling of inadequacy, which is usually fed by jealousy of one’s neighbors or friends.

Later as age or circumstance set in, most only wish for more time with their loved ones, the things we all say, truly matter…Let’s rethink this equation!

Spend 5 Minutes a Day Speaking Or Thinking About Gratitude in the form of a prayer.

By Focusing on Gratitude you will start to see and feel more abundant.

Do you have good food? Give Gratitude!

Do you have a safe, happy home? Give Gratitude!

Do you have at least 1 person in your life who you trust and count on? Give Gratitude!

Do you have children when others have had trouble conceiving? Give Gratitude!

Do you have loving pets or animals in your life? Give Gratitude!

Do you have more than enough? Give Gratitude!

Are you free from disease? Give Gratitude!

Are you free from disability? Give Gratitude!

Gratitude is the Currency of Spirit! It will help to shift your consciousness, instead of feeling lack and inadequacy, you will begin feeling the love and abundance that is always present and waiting.

These are just some ideas. Come up with your own and spend 5 minutes daily giving thanks through prayer. Hold yourself accountable. No excuses.

Enjoy the journey!

Written by: Jill Spirithorse

“Some people could be given an entire field of roses and only see the thorns in them. Others could be given a single weed and only see the wildflower in it. Perception is a key component of gratitude. And Gratitude is a key component of joy.” – Amy Weatherly

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