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The Way of Earth

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What would it truly be like to be at one with the earth mother? Do you know how to feel her pulse, her very heartbeat, her very breath? Have you ever touched her and felt her energy all around you? Do you wish to be able to commune and communicate with her? Do you want to know (experientially speaking) her essence? If you truly pursue learning the way of earth, you will see improvement in your life, in the form of healing. As you ascend, you will begin to understand the multidimensionality of our realm. You will be in alignment in your mind, body and spirit!

In this instance, we are primarily concerned with the spiritual aspect of living in accordance with the earth. If you align yourself spiritually, the physical and mental bodies should follow suit, as they are connected to your spirit.

 Karmik Channels Blog by Raymond Bearhawk

We have to remind ourselves that we are part of Earth, our bodies belong to the Earth and will return to it after our time has expired. Until then, we need to participate but how we choose to participate may evolve. We may decide to start planting trees and stop spraying pesticides. We may spend time speaking with people face-to-face in nature, versus texting or using Facebook Messenger. 

Written By: Raymond Bearhawk

One truth remains, to become one with mother earth requires work. When we build anything, in any form, an effort is required to maintain it, otherwise, it will eventually crumble. There is never truly an end to any journey. There is only transformation, in its many forms. Even our bodies, upon returning to the earth eventually break down and become food for other life forms. The earth is constantly working to heal, the work we do can either help or hinder her. 

Written By: Raymond Bearhawk

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” – Zen KōanBlog, Karmik Channels

There are no shortcuts to being one with nature. We are all naturally part of the divine but we must all go through some deep searching to find our role within the divine plan for this great home that we call Earth.

In order to restore health and begin healing, one must learn to live and process their experiences according to the way of earth. The spirit of the earth mother is within us all! Connect with her life-giving energy and you will become one with it!

Written by: Raymond Bearhawk

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