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Perception of Ailments

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The question came in and was aimed at the holistic community, here was the post:

  “I don’t usually post about my health but I need some input… I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure about 2 years ago and was put on a medication called “Furosemide” to help alleviate the massive swell I’ve I have throughout my body… I was doing well until I started having trouble with breathing and extreme pain that wouldn’t allow me to walk or use my hands .. After several CT Scans in 1 week(3) and MRI’s that week as well(2) it was discovered I have lung and throat masses that hadn’t been apparent last year .. they are at 5mm already which is an extreme size for a years time of growth .. my question is if anyone knows if the “Furosemide” may have caused these lung and throat masses?

My primary physician switched me to “Torsemide” which is a softer version of the other because the “Furosemide” has affected my lungs and kidneys at a dangerous level.

I am exploring Homeopathic alternatives but am scared if I go off the other medications (9) and go full Homeopathic my sentence may go from 5 years to 1 year.

If anyone has any information please please let me know because I would like to prolong my time for as long as I can a healthy way not these chemical paths.”


Jill’s Response: I’m not familiar with that particular medication but pharmaceuticals always have consequences, some short term, some long term. If she is fearful of going off the medication because she feels it is going to extend her life by being on it, then she probably should stay on it, not because it is necessarily extending her life but because her belief is so strong that her life would be shortened without it. In other words, she can manifest her own outcome with the heart issues, according to her beliefs.

However, if she would consult with the right set of people and be willing to make some changes in her life, which would involve furthering her personal education, regarding lifestyle adaptations and herbal medicine. While also, developing the faith to go off some or all of the allopathic treatments I do feel she would have a better quality of life and would potentially live longer.

I would highly recommend Red/Near-Infrared Light Therapy and Hawthorne Herb for the heart ailments. But what people often don’t think about is looking for the cause of the ailment, the origin point. I do not encourage a quick-fix mentality in any clients. I like to evaluate with a series of questions, to figure out what environmental stressors have caused the ailment. That’s why I teach about holistic living, there are some things in our environment, such as wifi and Bluetooth devices that work via microwave signals, which affect heart health and circulation among other things.

For example; some people merely blame medical diagnosis, like congestive heart failure, on genetics. What many don’t realize is that our genes are activated or deactivated depending upon how we choose to live. We are what we eat, drink, breathe and think(our thoughts also involve the spiritual component). This is the field of epigenetics, a topic for another time but I know many already understand this concept.

The key point for the niece, right now, is her belief. All medications and supplements can interact with our biochemistry, but our mind can override any benefit from natural sources just as it can with commercial pharmaceuticals, if our belief is strong enough. The mind is ultimately the strongest asset in healing, or it can be the weakest link.

Perception of Ailments

“One thing I want to share about myself is that I wasn’t always as healthy as I am currently. I too, at one point, was where many of you are now. I just had enough of being sick, so I started educating myself on various topics to better the quality of my life. Some would think I made many sacrifices, I’ll tell you what I really sacrificed was quick fixes and treating the symptoms. Our body is an amazing biological construct and if we create the right conditions, it can heal. I hope you consider your self-care as important as we work together, without judgment, to improve your quality of life. I can not convince you to help yourself, only you can convince yourself, that you are an important part of this divine plan and worth caring for. One change at a time, one step at a time and without judgment, you can improve the quality of your life!”

Written by: Jill Spirithorse

Perception of Ailments

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