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Ascension Process

Ascension Process   The audio version of this blog. ↑ The ascension process is different for everyone. Where you are at consciously greatly depends on how aware you are of the presence of Spirit. We are all spirits having a human experience and have chosen a path for this lifetime that is completely different from other beings. It is our responsibility to be open to the guidance that spirit has for us during our current […]

Minimalism – One Aspect of a Spiritual Path:

  The audio version of this blog. ↑   You have likely heard the trendy term, minimalism. This is not a new concept, but now, this practice has been given a name. Originally practiced mainly by nomadic peoples and monks, whether by physical necessity, or spiritual belief, people for centuries have chosen to travel lightly.   One modern definition of minimalism found online reads; is one that favors restriction.   Let’s first clarify that, if […]

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Discipline Yourself to Grow Spiritually – Engage in Gratitude!

The audio version of this blog. ↑ Chances are, you are already disciplined, but you may not yet have employed it in your spiritual practice…but you ARE capable of discipline as observed below.   You discipline yourself to show up on time to work for someone else. Or you discipline yourself for your small business, crunching numbers, managing your time, and maybe the production line. Or perhaps you are a student and discipline yourself to […]

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Ditch Artificial Fragrance! Here Are Better Options!

The audio version of this blog. ↑ Ditch Artificial Fragrance “Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.” – Winston Churchill. Ditch Artifcial Fragrance Air quality has a big impact on our overall health. I will keep it simple and list changes you can make to improve your indoor air quality.   Some people are more sensitive to artificial fragrances than others, they have adverse reactions such as hives, headaches, irritability, brain fog, asthma, allergies, and […]

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The Power of Three

The Power of Three There is a theme of three becoming one, that is taught in various spiritual traditions throughout the world. First, the idea of unification of the mind, body, and spirit. We will then focus on the idea of creation, destruction, and preservation being interconnected. 763-571-0777 Regarding the mind, body, and spirit, all of these three bodies work synergistically. The illusion that these three aspects are separate is the premise that western society […]

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Mal-Illumination By: Jill Spirithorse Many people suffer from mal-illumination and I hope to shed some light for you as to why this is a big issue and help you find some solutions. Proper lighting for the time of day is just as crucial as proper nutrition. Circadian Rhythm is governed by light frequency. The circadian rhythm controls your hormone release. Hormones are released according to the time of day but your body and brain determine […]