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Ditch Artificial Fragrance! Here Are Better Options!

Ditch Artificial Fragrance “Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.” – Winston Churchill. Remember the Rule of 3: You can go three minutes without oxygen, three days without water and three weeks without food. Of course, these are approximate and can vary depending on your unique genetic and physiological makeup. Ditch Artificial Fragrance The first and most important, clean air is what I will elaborate on in this post. Air quality has a big impact […]

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The Power of Three

The Power of Three At Karmik Channels, we work as a team to help people heal and grow in mind, body, and spirit. The Power of Three – Karmik Channels Blog There is a theme of three becoming one, that is taught in various spiritual traditions throughout the world. In this blog, we will focus on just two of these perspectives. First, the idea of unification of the mind, body, and spirit. We will then […]

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Mal-Illumination By: Jill Spirithorse Many people suffer from mal-illumination and I hope to shed some light for you as to why this is a big issue and help you find some solutions. Proper lighting for the time of day is just as crucial as proper nutrition. Circadian Rhythm is governed by light frequency. The circadian rhythm controls your hormone release. Hormones are released according to the time of day but your body and brain determine […]

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Transcribed Channeling Session, 11-16-19

Transcribed Channeling Session: From 11-16-19  ~ Karmikal uses Ron as a conduit for communication, in what is known as a trance channel state. ~   Karmikal: Well hello everyone, very interesting energies and vibrations that we all brought forth today as we meet. Your energies are vastly different from each other, then what we’re used to, but here you are and now they’re the same vibration and frequency for the moment. It’s very interesting, each […]

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Importance of Healing From Grief

Healing from Grief Learning from the Dream State: For context, this was involving a spirit that had reincarnated fairly quickly after physical death. Normally there are lengths of time in between incarnation cycles for each spirit and for good reason as you will read below…   I was crossing the street and on the other side there was a young man waiting for me, no words were exchanged but I instinctively knew to follow him. […]

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Perception of Ailments

Perception of Ailments Written by: Jill Spirithorse The question came in and was aimed at the holistic community, here was the post:   “I don’t usually post about my health but I need some input .. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure about 2 years ago and was put on a medication called “Furosemide” to help alleviate the massive swell I’ve I have throughout my body .. I was doing well until I started […]