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Written By Jess McGrady

Are you a seasoned meditator and would like to experience something a little different? You might want to try a Trinity Meditation. It is an interesting way to get varying perspectives on an issue you want to explore. Are you ready to give it a try?



This is How the Trinity Meditation Is Done:

Three people (make sure the participants are people you trust and can be totally honest)
Three chairs
One chair placed in the North position the other two placed to create a triangle
Participants take a seat and touch feet with the person on the left and right of them
Participants hold hands, Right hand on top (giving), Left hand on bottom (receiving)
Participants close their eyes
Begin the meditation with a prayer of protection.
Whoever sits in the North chair poses the situation or question they wish to explore during the meditation and states it out loud for the other two to hear.
The person on the right of the North chair begins and describes everything they are feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and experiencing – this information is meant for insight into whatever the person in the North requested.
Very important to describe everything, even if it does not make sense, it is solely for the person in the North to hear and does not pertain to anything the individual in the other two chairs may wish to explore for themselves. Their turn will come.
When the individual is finished describing what they are experiencing, they squeeze the hand of the person sitting to their Right. Then this person describes everything they are experiencing.
When the second person is done, they squeeze the hand of the person sitting in the North chair and that person describes everything they are experiencing. When the second individual is finished the person in the North squeezes the hand of the person on their right.
The process continues to go around the circle until every participant states “I am complete” (meaning they are no longer sensing any additional information pertaining to the subject.
Participants open their eyes, stand and they move one chair to their Right.


You are now one-third of the way through the Trinity Meditation:

The participants repeat the process for the Second participant, and then the repeat it again for the Third participant.
At the end all three participants have sat in the North chair.
Close with a prayer of Thanksgiving.
There is no time limit for the meditation.
There is usually no discussion of the information each person received (unless they want to share). This can be a very powerful meditation. Individuals may pick up on past lives, they may channel messages, they may experience physical sensations or changes. It is important the three individuals are honest and thorough in describing what they are experiencing.


Written by: Jess McGrady

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