Tree of Life, Michele Borowske

Written By: Raymond Bearhawk

Do you believe in other realms? Other dimensions? You should. They are there and they do exist. The problem though is this, many believe in them, talk about them and their existence but, they never really speak of how exactly one is supposed to get there. The question concerning this matter is this;


Interdimensional Travel by Way of the Tree of Life


People speak of time travel yes!, growing forward and backward in time but, what if one were to go “Sideways” in time? What would be the result? Noone has ever spoken of this possibility nor addressed it, so what would one accomplish? Interdimensional travel to new realms, new worlds, other dimensions where neither time nor space actually exists.


Ascend and Descend the Tree of Life

Well, learning how to ascend and descend the tree of life allows one to do just that. Think of the possibilities, they would be endless. It was Jesus who said; “In my Fathers house are many mansions”. This is what he was speaking about. It is teaching from mystical Judaism taught in the mystery school of ancient Essene order. He was showing us the doorway to these other realms. Now the question is, will you walk through it?


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