The Three Treasures

The Three Treasures by Raymond Bearhawk

Written by: Raymond Bearhawk

The Three Treasures

  • The body is the temple of life.
  • Energy is the Force of Life
  • Spirit is the Governor of Life

The Three Treasures Require Harmony

If one of these three treasures is out of harmony with the others, all become damaged.  This is the foundation for what is called today: Mind, Body and Spirit medicine that we learn in the training of traditional Chinese medicine which has been known for thousands of years. – Of which I learned centuries ago.  Someday I will explain that statement to you.

The Three Treasures

The key to increasing one’s longevity is to maintain spiritual, mental and physical harmony (maintaining the three treasures) but all to often this is ignored and disease begins to set in. Example: Diabetes; nearly every young person from different cultures; Asain, African, Middle Eastern who comes to America to live the good life suffer from diabetes. Why? Because, while their parents often maintain traditional diets, the children once they get a taste of western food, gobble up everything from McDonald’s to Taco Bell, by the sackful and this is really a shame.  Their cultures and ancient ways can teach us much in the way of how to live longer.

Raymond Bearhawk

In return, our culture teaches them how to die faster.  As I said we can learn much from them and many of us have. Unfortunately many more people choose not to and live off drugs and or die prematurely.  When I finally do make the journey I would like the transition to be a peaceful one with the three treasures intact…Care for some shiitake mushrooms?

Raymond Bearhawk of Karmik Channels

If you wish to learn more about these treasures schedule with Raymond Bearhawk.

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