Spirit Guides

Written: By Jess McGrady

  There are many definitions and descriptions of spirit guides depending on your source. I will tell you what I have experienced and who they are.

  First, I believe we all have an invisible team of guides, helpers and teachers surrounding us. Average number on your team varies from 10-25. A few have been with you since your birth and will continue to accompany you through your passing. Others step in when their expertise is called for. Usually, there is one “Guardian” or “Gatekeeper” guide. This guide knows you best and has been with you the longest.  Your guides know the contract you accepted when you agreed to take on a human experience and to be born on this earth. It is the Gatekeeper’s task to protect you from allowing energies to come to you that do not support your goals. Your guides promise to be available to you whenever you need their assistance and will always bring you the experiences you desire to encounter. All you have to do is ask and they will answer.

  When you are born, you forget the contract you made and are not aware of the team you gathered to help you during this lifetime. But, I promise you, they are there. Although your guide team has lived many lifetimes, in a variety of environments, your team is usually made up of entities that have not lived on earth during your lifetime. Occasionally, a family member or friend that has passed over will elect to stay around for a while to watch over you or to complete some unfinished business.

  Guides do not usually tell me their names, even if I ask for you. However, they will answer your request to know who they are and what they look like. I will caution you that their idea of “time” is different than ours. It may be a long time before they respond.


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What Do Spirit Guides Look Like?

  Not all guides will appear visually. Some will only communicate through pictures or words. I have been hearing entities since my childhood. I did not start “seeing” them until my thirties. I see some very clearly when I am doing a reading. Most appear very human-like. I have noticed that when determining their height, I must look down to see if their feet are touching the ground or if they are hovering. I have seen guides appear as orbs, or colored spheres. A few have appeared as Light Beings, glowing with a colored aura. One of my personal guides is Kwan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion (the one who hears your cries and wipes away your tears) she/he appears to me as an aqua colored sphere. The only reason I know it is Kwan Yin is because a psychic told me she saw Kwan Yin in a reading. Your first glimpses of an entity may be just a fleeting shadow you see from the corner of your eye. This is usually a signal that they are willing to make their presence known. Be patient and ask them to step forward.
   Animals can also be spirit guides but I am rarely able to draw animal spirits to a reading. There are some readers who specialize and can do this very easily.

How Do Spirit Guides Communicate?

  When I do readings, spirits usually communicate through telepathy. I may hear words spoken but more often they show me pictures or scenes from my own life experiences that depict what they want to communicate. (Ex: I may get a picture of when I was a child, hiding in a closet so my brother would not find me. I would then ask you if there was someone or something in your life that was hurting you or that made you afraid. Or they may show me walking in the woods, climbing trees, and I would ask if you are drawn to nature or the outdoors – what brings you joy?)
I am able to see their body language and facial expressions. If I ask you how do you like your job and you answer “Fine.” They may shake their head or frown. Then I might ask, “Tell me about what you do?” and see where it leads.
Guides do not like to answer Yes or No questions. So if you want to know if you should leave your partner, they may just shrug. It is up to you whether to stay or go. Your guides want to help you receive whatever it is you want.
Guides are not here to tell you what to do. They listen to you. They pay attention to everything you say and do. So, if you are always complaining that “every relationship you have had has ended badly.” Or that “every man/woman is a liar and a cheat.” Your guides hear what you believe and expect your relationships to be like and provide you with people who will meet your expectations. If they hear you say, “I never have any money. Every time I get ahead a little bit something comes along and takes it. I will never be rich!” Your guides hear this, and like magic, you are always broke.
Your guides are there to give you the life you want to live. You make think your words are not important, “Shouldn’t they know that’s not what I really want?”
  No. You are the boss. They know what you agreed to before you were born, but there is always “free will” to go your own way.
I once had a co-worker who would often say to his clients, “You’re killing me here!” He really did not like his demanding job but did not feel he could leave because the money and benefits were too good to give up. He became increasingly angry and frustrated. All he wanted was to make enough money so he could quit his job and become a musician. He had a heart attack and nearly died. A month later he was back at work, too afraid to leave the job that was literally “killing” him.

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Why Don’t My Spirit Guides Talk To Me?

   They do! At least they have tried to get messages to you to let you know they are there. You have to learn the language of their communication. They will send you signs and put people in your path that will be of great benefit to you. If you see coins in unusual places, numbers that repeat themselves (ex: 11.11 or 12:34 or 333) they are letting you know they are there. If you want a specific sign, ask for it.
My husband died more than 16 years ago. When he had taken his last breath, I leaned and whispered in his ear, “Send me feathers.” Now I find feathers almost everywhere I go. There are on book covers, signs, ads, in parking lots, stair wells and I even found one on the seventh floor of an office building in the ladies room. I believe in signs.
You must be open and expecting your guides to be present and available to assist you. Be careful in your speech and actions. Make positive statements about what it is you want. Be patient. Then be ready to act when your guides provide the opportunities to make your wishes come true.
There is a famous painting of JESUS AT THE DOOR. It is based on a Bible passage that reads: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Notice, it requires you to take action.

Remember: Life always meets or exceeds your expectations – expect wonders!


Spirit Guides

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