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Soul Journey

Soul Journey
Written By Jess McGrady


Perhaps the best way to describe it to you is to tell you a little story.
Let’s say you are an average person, with an average level of intelligence living a rather average life. People tell you how lucky you are and you agree. You have a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to wear. Perhaps you have a good job, with good pay and good benefits. Now, add that you have someone special in your life, maybe a husband or wife who loves you. Maybe your life includes children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends. Yes, indeed you are a lucky person alright, according to those people. But you know something they do not know. You know that all that you have is not enough.

“Not enough, you say? How can that be?”
Because something is missing. There is something you cannot put your finger on, but you know that if you could find out what it was, you would give up everything you had in order to obtain it. So you have sleepless nights, unfulfilled days and a growing emptiness.
That, my friend, is THE CALL.
Until you answer it, you are missing out on the adventure of your lifetime.
Don’t worry. THE CALL will keep coming to you over and over again until you answer, or until you take your last breath.

Soul Journey


“When the Call to spiritual exploration comes there is a temptation to ignore it and do nothing. Then it comes again, this time in a different form, in a book, in a dream, as a piece of friendly advice. Once it begins, the Call is not easy to silence.” Harry R Moody

The spiritual way always starts at your own front door. You turn your eyes up to the heavens and say, “Lead the way”. So you begin, not really knowing where you are going. This is a good thing because if you knew all the places you will go and all the things you will experience, you may change your mind.
The Search is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and strength to leave your comfort zone, to break ingrained habits and behaviors, even if they have brought nothing but frustration and discomfort.
Call upon your Guides for help and they will lead you to the teachers and lessons that are valuable in leading you to the buried treasure that is waiting for you.

Soul Journey


We come to the place on your Soul Journey that is the most difficult to tread. You followed the Call and went on an extensive Search to find that elusive “truth” that will finally bring you peace, and what did you find? The Struggle!
Your parents, teachers, friends, your work, spiritual leaders and institutions have laid the foundations for everything you believe and trust to be the absolute truth. It is inevitable that your search will bring contradictions and the unsettling realization that what you have believed and known to be true your entire life may be wrong, or at least questionable. An uneasy feeling creeps into your being. How could they all be wrong?
You go back and check the information you have found and double check the sources – could it be? Why? Where did they get their information? How did this happen? Try as you might, you cannot find validation for what you have been taught. You may get angry at those people you put so much trust in. You confront them and they dismiss your findings.
“Who are you going to believe,” they ask, “us or your own conclusions?”
Ah, there lies the real question. Who do you believe? Who do you trust?
This a crucial time on your Soul Journey.
It is time to decide!

Soul Journey


According to Roberto Assagioli, a Breakthrough is “a harmonious inner awakening characterized by a sense of joy and mental illumination that brings with it an insight into the meaning and purpose of life; it dispels many doubts, offers the solution of many problems, and gives an inner source of security. At the same time, there wells up a realization that life is one, and an outpouring of love flows through the awakening individual toward his fellow beings and the whole of creation. The former personality, with its sharp edges and disagreeable traits, seems to have receded into the background, and a new loving and lovable individual smiles at us and the whole world, eager to be kind, to serve, and to share his newly acquired spiritual riches, the abundance of which seems to him almost too much to contain.”
Rejoice! Let there be Light.

Soul Journey


“When the ten thousand things become one, then we return to the center, where we have always been.” – Chuang-Tse
The Return is not a conclusion to the spiritual journey but an integration and acceptance of the wisdom now a part of your very being. The Return is a continuation into a new a uncharted territory. Finding the courage and the means “is the task given in the this last, and in many ways the most challenging step in the Stages of the Soul.”
What is it we are to do?
• To bring our understanding of what we have learned and experienced in our daily lives.
• To continue in our search and explorations in the hope of further spiritual growth.
• To share with other a portion of what we have learned.

We go back to jobs, relationships and our interactions with the world with a new and more expansive perception of our role in humanity’s evolution. What is different, is how we see the world now, compared to how we saw it before our journey began.
You may seem different to those who know you. You feel spiritually stronger, more confident and happier. Beware that it takes time and consistency to become a changed person. It is common to believe that your experiences require you to behave more saintly. We are not required to become a mystic sage or revered teacher to the world.
David Michaelson explained It means “seeing the high in the lowly and the extraordinary in the ordinary, trying to keep that inner fire burning and well stoked.”
Buddhism teaches, “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”
Nothing changes, and yet, everything has changed.


Soul Journey


Written by: Jess McGrady

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