Anyone who truly wishes to follow or embark on the mystical journey, this undertaking will always begin and end with the path of the “HERMIT”. The hermit walk begins with isolation from the physical world. He/she knows that the material world is no more than an illusion and as the hermit begins his/her walk on the path of knowledge the veils of this illusion are slowly peeled away and reality is slowly revealed to them.

It is this same path of knowledge that Carlos Castaneda was put on by the sorcerer Don Juan Matus. Castaneda brought many to the path of knowledge in his writings and even though he was a great writer, he was not a great student nor apprentice. But again the knowledge he brought forth was greatly received and appreciated. Don Juan knew he had to put Carlos on the path of the hermit as well, even though Carlos did not exactly wish to do so.

Carlos had the potential to become a sorcerer but not the willingness. I addressed this issue with him while conversing with him over the decades being on the path of knowledge myself. Why do you keep resisting?

Sadly enough he would have rather written-off the knowledge than to experience it. Don Juan knew this and always had to be sneaky about giving him the experience without telling him about it after the fact. Do you have the potential to follow this path?

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