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Karmik Channels on 93X Morning Show

Michele Borowske of Karmik Channels was taking calls live on-air, during the 93x Morning Show on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017. Check out the Video Below. The DJs and callers had some fun, Ross made a Michele a theme song…


93X Morning Show

Michele Borowske Has Deep Empathy and Understanding of Soul Recovery and Is a Born Healer With Her Ability to See Into Past Lives and How They interconnect to the Present.
Michele Borowske receives clear and precise images when engaged in readings with clients. She encompasses a variety of modalities tailored to the individual, that include but are not limited to, Channeling, connecting with the deceased(mediumship), Guides and Angels, Soul or Energy retrieval, Reiki and Healing Touch. She is also able to remove entities, spirits and negative energy in it’s different forms.

93X Morning Show
She can recognize forms of curses and go into past lives to help bring closure and understanding, in relation to present life relationships and idiosyncrasies. Michele is sensitive to helping those with a history of abuse and can provide a road map to recovery. By sharing the information coming through for the client, they can move foreword in their healing process. Guided meditation with Michele also assists in the healing of past trauma.




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