Spiritual Symposium in Walker, MN, Spiritual Symposium Bemidji, MN

Intuition is merely an extension of the force. Believe me when I say that this is very, very real. So much so that I taught it to the military when I was in the Army. This ability is within all of us but it must be brought out and developed. Once it is released it surrounds us, then we learn to expand it outwardly. Look at it like a ring of energy that is around you, you then learn to expand that ring outwardly. It will touch a person, then multiple people then a neighborhood, a town or city a country than a world should you wish to do so.

I am talking about living energy that exists in every living thing on this planet and other planets. This ability is deepened by learning various disciplines which I taught to spiritually advanced classes. Do you just want to settle on going to an intuitive or do you want to become part of the greater picture, spiritually speaking? Someone can learn these abilities by ascending to the various heights of the tree of life and descending to the deepest depths of the Sufi teachings, of sound vibration and frequencies of the universe, by way of the chakra teachings. You decide.


Written By:

Dr. Raymond Bearhawk, Ph.D.

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