The Way of Elemental Spirits

Learning the way of an “ELEMENTAL” is simple but not often easy. It took me a great deal of time and effort to master this ability. An elemental has the ability to manipulate time as well as the weather, unbeknownst to many but it is true. Also, an elemental must, I repeat, MUST learn to deal with “ELEMENTAL SPIRITS”. I should tell you, elemental spirits are not benevolent spirits, they are and can be quite dangerous to deal with. The elements themselves and elemental spirits are not one in the same, they are quite different from each other.

Learning to Work with An Elemental Spirit

Learning to work with and manipulate the elements can be quite fascinating. Manipulating the elements I learned from the “Mesheeca” (Aztec bloodline) Indians, the ancient ones, and time manipulation I learned from the ancient Hopi and Navajo teachings. It is like learning the way of the magician of the tarot deck;

With the wand he createth
With the cup he preserveth
With the dagger he destroyeth
With the coin he redeemed

So it is written!
So it is done!

Written By:

Dr. Raymond Bearhawk, Ph.D.

What is an Elemental Spirit?