Children Are the Light of Spirituality

Awe, the innocence of childhood. Ever notice how young children get so frustrated when a peer does not play by the rules? “They Cheated!”
Most young children adhere strictly to rules but get very offended when we don’t. In my experience kids often view other adults, that are not related to them, as equals. Perhaps the children, in some ways, are actually our teachers, at least when it comes to reminding us to play by the rules in life.
We often tell children that, “because,” is not a reason. How often though, do we say, “just because!” We say it to ourselves, on different issues.
Because, saying “because”, is so much easier than searching the depths our being, the depths of our soul to discover if there is actually a good reason why we feel the way we do about our values.

Why not take some time out today to ask, “why?” as a child would. Give yourself a real reason to question your values (in the sense of) do they resonate with you, do they enable you to lead the life you want, etc? If you feel that there is not a good reason, then why not start making Positive Changes Today? We can help with Intuitive Readings to help you connect to your divine life purpose.  Be The Light you See in Children. Why not quit the job that doesn’t suit you, when you know you are capable of so much more?

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Believe in Yourself! It Matters!

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