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Karmik Channels on 93X Morning Show

Michele Borowske of Karmik Channels was taking calls live on-air, during the 93x Morning Show on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017. Check out the Video Below. The DJs and callers had some fun, Ross made a Michele a theme song…   93X Morning Show Michele Borowske Has Deep Empathy and Understanding of Soul Recovery and Is a Born Healer With Her Ability to See Into Past Lives and How They interconnect to the Present. Michele Borowske receives clear and […]


The Three Treasures

The Three Treasures by Raymond Bearhawk Written by: Raymond Bearhawk The Three Treasures The body is the temple of life. Energy is the Force of Life Spirit is the Governor of Life The Three Treasures Require Harmony If one of these three treasures is out of harmony with the others, all become damaged.  This is the foundation for what is called today: Mind, Body and Spirit medicine that we learn in the training of traditional […]

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The Tree of Life – Portals and Doorways to Other Realms

Written By: Raymond Bearhawk Do you believe in other realms? Other dimensions? You should. They are there and they do exist. The problem though is this, many believe in them, talk about them and their existence but, they never really speak of how exactly one is supposed to get there. The question concerning this matter is this;   Interdimensional Travel by Way of the Tree of Life   People speak of time travel yes!, growing […]

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The Mystical Journey

The Mystical Journey Written By: Raymond Bearhawk   Anyone who truly wishes to follow or embark on the mystical journey, this undertaking will always begin and end with the path of the “HERMIT”. The hermit walk begins with isolation from the physical world. He/she knows that the material world is no more than an illusion and as the hermit begins his/her walk on the path of knowledge the veils of this illusion are slowly peeled […]

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Don’t Like the World You’re Living In? Create a New World!

Create a New World! “If you don’t like the world, you’re living in create a new world!” I once told this to a group of people while teaching on metaphysics and I also told them that being “intuitive” plays a big part in this creative process, if you know how to direct it to accomplish such a great task. They were taken aback by this statement of being able to create a new world. “Kun […]