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Spirituality and Mental Health

Spirituality and Mental Health By: Jill Spirithorse   There are spiritual matters that affect the mind and there and mental issues that can draw in spiritual attachments, also known as entities.   At Karmik Channels, when we speak of the holy trinity we mean the mind, body and spirit. Any of the three can affect the other two. This is why it is just as important to eat wholesome foods as it is to practice […]

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The Way of Earth

The Way of Earth Written by: Raymond Bearhawk What would it truly be like to be at one with the earth mother? Do you know how to feel her pulse, her very heartbeat, her very breath? Have you ever touched her and felt her energy all around you? Do you wish to be able to commune and communicate with her? Do you want to know (experientially speaking) her essence? If you truly pursue learning the […]